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7-inch visual color driver operation display

7-inch visual color driver operation display

Product Name: 7 inch visual true color driver operation display

7-inch TFT true color display;

Support eight-way surveillance video display;

Support reversing video display instead of rear view mirror;

20 buttons, common functions support quick operation;

Support manual and automatic station reporting;

The TTS voice is uttered, and the scheduled tasks issued in the background are reported;

Support RF card identification, which can upload the card information wirelessly;

The host can be directly operated through the keyboard to realize parameter setting;

Support functions such as making calls, shouting, sending and receiving text messages, etc.

With backlight, support night driving operation;

Product description

 Equipment detailed parameters


Device parameters


Performance requirements

Operating Voltage

DC 8~36V

Operating temperature

-20℃~ +70℃

environment humidity

Relative humidity of 90% to 95% (no condensation) meets the needs of high temperature and high humidity in summer

monitor rate


Operating button performance

Waterproof and dustproof; keyboard life is over 180,000 times

Support touch function

Support 4-wire resistive touch screen operation

Enter 3 channels of video

Support for lower door video, reversing video, IPCAMERA video display function


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