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一、Background introduction

With the rapid development of logistics industry, logistics infrastructure and equipment conditions have great development and improvement, but the loss of orders, damage and cargo leakage phenomenon still exists, drove out the freight station logistics, logistics companies can not know in real time the vehicle is entering the logistics park, it is difficult to effectively safeguard the safety of goods, vehicle line illegal driving speed and other problems is still one of the major bottleneck restricting the development of logistics enterprises.

  Problems of logistics freight cars

  ①  Out of date logistics area records can not be effectively known and real-time scheduling。

  ②  Cargo safety is difficult to guarantee。

  ③  It is difficult to control the vehicle without line violation。

  ④  High oil costs become the biggest operating cost of the company。

  ⑤  The destination of the vehicle is unknown and the route is out of control。

  ⑥  Vehicle utilization rate is low, vehicle costs remain high。

  ⑦  The costs are not consistent with the actual situation。

二、Logistics freight car GPS system scheme

To solve this problem, logistics and transport companies through the installation of on-board GPS device in their own logistics vehicles, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of vehicles, cargo tracking, dynamic management and reasonable allocation of goods to complete vehicles, improve the management efficiency of the company, increase economic profit.

三、Logistics freight car GPS system program implementation effect

Through the logistics freight car GPS positioning monitoring system, whether customers, transportation or receiving party can real-time understanding of goods in transit, and calculate the time to reach the destination, to solve the traditional logistics encountered various types of supervision.  

1、The role of GPS in freight party

The shipping company will be their vehicle information specified open to customers, so that customers themselves can view real-time vehicle related information and goods, can be more intuitive to see the distribution and operation of the vehicle on the Internet, to find suitable for their own use of the vehicle, thereby eliminating unnecessary representations of links, speed up the frequency of use of vehicles, shorten the transport distribution the time, save the corresponding work units. After the goods have been sent out, the shipper can inquire about the running situation and the position of the vehicle at any time through the Internet or mobile phone, and control the information of the goods in transit in real time, so as to ensure the timeliness of the freight transportation. 

2、Application of GPS in transportation

Transport companies through the Internet to achieve dynamic monitoring of vehicle management and timely and reasonable stowage of goods, in order to strengthen the management of vehicles, reduce waste of resources, reduce costs and expenses. At the same time, the information about the vehicle is opened to the customers, which not only facilitates the use of customers, but also reduces unnecessary links, improves the visibility and credibility of the company, expands the business side of the company, and improves the economic and social benefits of the company.

3、Application of GPS in the receiving party

Pick up the goods need only relevant information provided by the shipper, can be found on the Internet real-time information of the goods, the goods in transit and probably the transportation time, in order to arrange the goods receiving, parking and sale, the sale of goods chain can be completed ahead of schedule.

As shown in the diagram, after the use of logistics vehicle GPS system, dispatchers can easily schedule access to park vehicles, and statistics of the entry and exit of logistics vehicles in the system. As the car door closed with photographic records, in the case of the loss of goods and the number of inconsistent, has been well documented. Because the car door and the car has broken reminder buzzer, when using the system for a month, researchers found that some of the vehicles monitoring system to open the car door in the unloading area, quickly contact the driver, to the carriage door is opened, the driver heard the alarm, timely to avoid the occurrence of theft. The system can also remind not to export reports, management personnel according to the report, take accountability and specify to the system as standard regulations, greatly reducing the vehicle accident probability.

The use of logistics vehicle GPS positioning monitoring system, can greatly enhance the level of logistics enterprises and vehicle monitoring capabilities, thereby improving their own competitiveness, on the other hand, will also provide customers with the delivery of goods to protect, reduce the probability of accidents.

四、Advantages of logistics freight car GPS system

After the application of GPS in logistics, through the Internet to realize information sharing and implementation of three party applications, the use of the vehicle, transportation companies, to pick up the goods in logistics vehicle goods location and operation condition are all transparent accurately, using the three party to coordinate the business relationship, to obtain the best scheme of logistics process, achieve the maximum economic benefits.


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