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Vehicle networking operation management platform

Vehicle networking operation management platform

Vehicle networking operation monitoring platform is an integrated platform for intelligent monitoring of vehicles for individual users and enterprise users. The integrated platform of vehicle real-time monitoring, historical track playback, alarm details and statistics, real-time vehicle dynamics, statistical analysis in one. The platform is practical, easy to use, and basically covers vehicle supervision business. Platform can be widely used in all over the world for vehicle monitoring needs of users.

Product description

1、real time monitoring

Provide the basic operation of the GIS map, zoom, roaming, feature selection, layer control, map rotation; implementation of GIS monitoring system in the vehicle, the vehicle type vehicle according to the different definitions of icons that can accurately reflect the location of the vehicle in the GIS on the map; display attribute information related to the vehicle when the vehicle license plate, click IMEI and the vehicle condition, alarm, speed, final positioning time, final acceptance time data.

2、Track playback

Can track the vehicle history trajectory tracking, (1 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours of operation, quick selection) can also be customized query playback time segment of the historical track playback of vehicle, playback of traffic data at the time of the car can be real-time playback.

3、Vehicle tracking

The vehicle can be tracked in real time, and after the vehicle is tracked in real time, the map will move along with the vehicle, including real-time control of the speed and driving behavior of the vehicle.

4、vehicle trends

The dynamic data generated by the vehicle running process is presented in real time, and the driving data is clear at a glance.

5、Alarm information

The alarm information of the vehicle monitored by the user is collected, and the alarm tone switch is provided, and the alarm class can be filtered and adjusted.

6、statistical analysis

The data collected from vehicle driving are collected and analyzed (including historical track, alarm information, trip analysis, overspeed information, speed analysis, stroke analysis, mileage analysis, etc.).


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