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一、background introduction

TG vehicle networking monitoring platform is the vehicle monitoring and management system based on IOT technology in the independent research and development, through the installation of GPS vehicle tracker, real-time acquisition and upload vehicle data, through the wireless network operators to the vehicle data transmission system platform, and realize the vehicle information remote access, real-time positioning, anti-theft tracking, remote alarm and other functions, the realization of vehicle intelligent remote management.

二、System composition

The management system is composed of GPS tracker, relay, SIM card, management platform, mobile management software (APP).

IOT cardused to transmit vehicle data to the TG vehicle management platform, so that users can remotely view the real-time status of vehicles in the mobile phone APP and management platform.

Intelligent terminalTG-303 is specially developed for the vehicle GPS tracker, through remote control of APP can be the power source of the vehicle in the vehicle is stolen, robbed, illegal mobile also remote control power, so that vehicles can not travel, support vehicle abnormal vibration and displacement alarm, wheeled alarm, any situation can achieve positioning and tracking.

Management platformintelligent vehicle management platform to provide users with information management, vehicle information management, equipment information management, vehicle positioning, sales statistics management, operation statistics management and system management functions such as platform. Users can use the platform for equipment binding, alarm settings, user settings, vehicle information, vehicle inquiries, location inquiries.

三、Vehicle monitoring platform

In a vehicle mounted GPS tracker, users can install the TGTrack application software in the mobile phone, then you can track the real-time running state of the vehicle, but also on the vehicle driving track playback and analysis of history, when the outside of the vehicle battery is less than a preset value, the equipment will automatically switch electric equipment to enable the built-in battery, to avoid the loss of the vehicle battery electricity, when the internal battery voltage is too low, low voltage alarm equipment will be issued, of course, when the electric displacement, speeding off, equipment vibration, ACC state changes are not normal circumstances, the user will receive from APP in the push of the alarm information, the user can timely protection of their vehicles, vehicle safety the effective protection.

Functional characteristics

1, automatic defense function: through the ACC state automatically switch the state of defense, when the equipment into the fortification state, such as vehicle changes, the device will upload alarm information, users can first grasp the state of vehicle information

3, one click car search function: through APP start a key to find the car function, the system will automatically map on the map to find the route of the vehicle for navigation

4, remote control function: when the vehicle is stolen, through remote control can be broken off (oil / electricity), to provide safety protection for the user vehicle

5, real-time positioning function: equipment according to the return interval reporting position points, convenient for the owner to monitor the vehicle position at any time

6, blind zone complement transmission function: after the vehicle driving through the signal difference, lead to equipment will drop when the storage area, the normal line will be reissued, uploaded to the server

7, remote upgrade function: support remote upgrade, convenient for later product maintenance

8, anti-counterfeiting base station function: to prevent pseudo base station impact on the device, can not communicate normally

9, cut line alarm: after fortification, after the battery stolen electric vehicles, equipment will be posted line cut alarm, to remind the owner of the battery stolen

10, displacement alarm: after fortification, the device detects the electric wheel wheel, buzzer will call the alarm and upload wheel alarm, to remind the owner of the electric car is abnormal

11, vibration alarm: after the fortification, the device detects abnormal vibration of the electric car, the buzzer will call the alarm and upload vibration alarm, to remind the owner of the electric car has abnormal vibration

13. Electronic fence alarm: after setting up the fence, the device will alarm when it is beyond the fence area

三、TGTrack mobile phone APP application software

The application of mobile phone APP TGTrack is developed in the management for a vehicle safety monitoring management software.

The GPS device of the device can return the vehicle positioning data, status data, alarm data and other information, and support the mobile terminal to protect the vehicle, remote shut down power supply, remote control, electronic fence and other functions. And in the vehicle alarm at the same time push information to inform the user, the first time to ensure the safety of car. Effectively realize the car on the mobile terminal to monitor, control, anti-theft and other functions, for the safety of the vehicle to add a guarantee.


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