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Taxi integrated service management system

Taxi integrated service management system is a taxi intelligent service management platform which integrates the functions of vehicle monitoring management, call scheduling, data mining, operation analysis, enterprise online business management, service quality evaluation, information release and so on.

The product line for city rental rental industry provide location data service operation and comprehensive solutions, the entire system and standard system of taxi terminal accords with the standard of the Ministry of communications, guided by the market demand, demand, adhering to the idea of public service, create a set of monitoring management, call scheduling, information management, monitoring management and scheduling system the taxi industry as a whole, to provide a full range of personalized services for the management of functional departments and enterprises, operators, drivers and passengers, provides a powerful help for the rapid and healthy development of the taxi industry.

Standard compulsory function + value-added services help taxi transformation of the Internet

Leading integrated management platform

"The taxi operation management platform for massive data storage platform, management and application service cloud platform, fully meet the needs of the supervision department.

Sophisticated hardware devices:

"TG-801" vehicle intelligent terminal, data acquisition node. 

Value added service:

"Taxi online" WeChat public number, "mobile phone car search APP", "Web car search" to enhance user experience, improve the level of taxi service management

Taxi operation management solution

The three centers, nine application system platform, the industry's leading technology platform architecture, the first through the Ministry of transportation department (JT/T809-2011), (JT/T796-2011) certification, the taxi standard fully meet regulatory requirements, transportation management department

Three major centers: Data Resource Center, monitoring and dispatching center, call service center

Nine application system platform: online monitoring and management system, power enterprise call service management system, dynamic supervision inspection system, operation monitoring and dispatching system, comprehensive operation analysis system, evaluation system, service quality supervision advertising publishing system, WEB system, check the car taxi taxi traffic system


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