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一、background introduction

The social and economic pressure, mortgage purchase cars become more and more people, but the credit risk problem of automobile is more and more outstanding, after all is the ability of the banking and finance can not effectively control the risks, investigation to the customer to do is very simple, after the loan is almost impossible to follow, resulting in no repayment guarantee; followed by the insurance company did not perfect security system for the sale of claims risk.

Problems faced by auto credit:

1.of the high amount of insurance system is not perfect.

2.the independent lending business makes management and risk control more difficult.

3. cheat car Piandai events more frequently, is not the first time to identify the owner. owners in arrears, bad debts have caused great risk.

5. the first time can not accurately grasp the whereabouts of the loan vehicles, unable to control the vehicle. recover the loan vehicles, consume a lot of manpower and material resources, the effect is still not good.

二、credit vehicles GPS program

The application of GPS in automobile insurance industry and the installation of GPS mobile target monitoring system with high-tech means can prevent and control risks. The credit vehicle mounted on a GPS vehicle terminal equipment, is installed on the eye in the sky, credit companies, banks can always know that a loan equipment at present the exact position and running status, such as speed, running direction, route and track.

● TG-203 meets customer needs

TG-203 is an ultra long standby GPS locator with built-in strong magnetic and free installation, GPS+LBS double positioning, strong signal positioning, GPS fast positioning function. With the highest level of anti demolition technology: light perception anti demolition, anti-counterfeiting base station detection, ultra hidden installed in the credit car. When the credit car is abnormal, such as customer Piandai, two mortgage or theft, real-time tracking function can start immediately the locator position information, real-time tracking of the vehicle, to easily understand the real-time status of the vehicle.

● Monitoring platform function

Management personnel can always grasp the location of the vehicle, and vehicle status, timely detection of vehicle abnormalities, handling vehicle alarm information, to ensure the safety of vehicles.

Through effective monitoring of vehicle location positioning system, real-time tracking of vehicle location; through the historical track playback system, vehicle driving track back, grasp of the history; through the electronic fence, such as turn alarm function, limiting vehicle speed and working area to be standardized management, through the platform management functions, management, vehicle the user terminal, etc..

三、credit vehicles GPS program advantages

GPS terminal damage is most worried about the credit industry, TG-203 can effectively prevent the hidden damage, with 8 pieces of Nd-Fe-B magnet, can be placed or adsorbed on the metal surface of the vehicle, the built-in light anti demolition equipment, leaving the installation location will trigger remove the alarm, security base station detection, detection equipment can detect any of its equipment the installation location, cloud monitoring and management system is composed of "TG203+ cloud platform" to conduct a comprehensive monitoring and management of credit vehicles, reduce and avoid the occurrence of cheat car Piandai events. At the same time, the vehicle, the lender and the relevant state information can be summarized into detailed reports, which can provide the basis for management analysis and management.

1. accurate positioning: accurate digital map and professional map services support, with the national precision to the prefecture level city electronic map, at any time to grasp the location of the vehicle.

2. real time car tracking: a variety of monitoring methods, real-time understanding of the state of the vehicle, effectively reduce credit risk.

3. track playback: through the industry records, historical playback function, query the history of vehicle travel.

4. alarm system: a variety of alarm methods to ensure vehicle safety.

5. unified management: reduce management costs.


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